Step One: Thought-Balancing Your Root Chakra

Your Root Chakra: Your right (and obligation) to be Self-ish
by Tomas Martin Bell, OpD 
Co-Host, Circle of Angels Radio

Claiming your Roots and your right to exist begins with affirming the right of every other living creature to exist in a world of freedom. If you want to balance your Chakras, you must be willing to balance the Chakras of the entire existent world around you.  You must abandon any ideas that cause you to live in a hell of illogical thinking and reason-less justification when it comes to causing others pain and depriving others of their right to exist without pain.

This week Circle of Angels Talk Radio broadcast the first of seven shows focusing on the Chakra Energy System.   Our first show served as an introduction to the idea of the Chakra and exposed listeners to the theories related to what is known as the Root (or Base) Chakra.  In order to give our audience the most information about the Chakra system, we’ve teamed up with our sponsor, A World Apart, LLC and Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community to help us spread the word about the importance of balancing the energies of the Chakras both for the individual and the world at large.  This week we focus on the Root Chakra

This Chakra affirms your right to exist.  It deals with tasks related to the material and physical world and your ability to stand up for your self as an entity that exists and has the right to continue to exist and thrive.  Your Root Chakra can be out of balance when you experience needs having to do with your material survival or impediments to your right to thrive.  The Root Chakra has power when you make a conscious decision to ensure your existence in this world by employing the energies of your self to continue your own healthy presence while committing to ensure the healthy presence of all life. 

Circle of Angels Radio co-host, Sherry, often refers to the oxygen mask on an airplane when discussing the health of this Chakra.  Why?  Think about it.  The airplane is that which lifts you to new heights and takes you to new destinations (much like the physical body is the vehicle that takes your spirit to the peak of the mountain of thought).  If, heaven forbid, there is a problem during your flight anyone who has traveled by air knows the ‘drill.’  An oxygen mask will fall from above your head (in the same way that during times of turbulence in life, higher thoughts---reason and logic---descend to help you think through the storm).  If the passenger next to you has trouble with their mask, you can’t help them until you first place your mask securely on your face.  If you don’t, you place both of you at risk.  You have to ensure that you can breathe and survive because if your air runs out before you help the person near you, you could both suffocate.  This sounds like a common sense idea with which most people would agree. 

In order to help the world around you, it is necessary to commit to ensuring your own ability to breathe in the life-giving energy of existence (and the divine thoughts of intelligence).  This is vitally important during times of stress.  The lesson of the Root Chakra teaches us that we must connect with those root ideas and material necessities that help us to animate our presence in the world.  Imbalances and inabilities in life can often be traced back to the roots of our own thoughts.  Balancing the Root Chakra involves ‘pruning’ our thought tree.  As above so below, says the spiritual formula.  The Root Chakra theory ties our head (above/thoughts) with our feet (below/body).  Many people teach the Root Chakra and connect it with material balance only.  So, there is enough material out there on this side of the Root theory.  Today I will focus on the intellectual side of the Root imbalance.  

Is it good or necessary to be selfish?

If there is one idea that has become the ‘enemy’ of the ‘ethical’ person it is the idea of selfishness.  For the most part, humans are taught during their youth that to be a good person is to be a ‘self-less’ person.  The ‘good’ person is the person who ‘puts others first’ and is ‘self-sacrificing,’ right?  Certainly I am not going to disagree with the core idea that supports the value of caring for others and doing what’s best for the community at large (especially since I am about to tell you that to balance your Root Chakra you must commit to universal balance), but the idea of self-sacrifice flies in the face of common sense---at least when discussing the idea of one’s right to exist as affirmed by the Root Chakra theory.  When discussing the Root Chakra and the ideas and energies that balance the Root, I think we have to take a ‘hard look’ at the idea of selfishness. 

Now, let me frustrate you a little by saying that in order to justify being selfish, you must understand that every right you claim, you must freely give to every other person in life.  I support the idea of serving the self first so long as every person has the same experience of life that you seek.  You want freedom, love, and prosperity? Great…then first you must be willing to live in a world where every other living creature has the same rights.  This may call to mind some religious ideas like ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you…’ however, I want you to divorce yourself from the ideas of any religious system when synthesizing the ideas presented here.  Why? The Universe is a place of logic and reason.  The Universe is not a place that embraces sentimental and false morality. 

Unfortunately contemporary religious systems have perverted the truth presented in many sacred texts by creating a God that is emotional and illogical.  The God of religion is a childish and impotent idea compared to the Universal reason which fuels the phenomenon of existence.  Why do I attack the idea of the God of religion in this stream of thought? I don’t.  The God created in the religions is an emotional character having many useful functions. One such function is to challenge our commitment to universal logic in the face of emotional illogic.  I love the God of religion because it serves its intended purpose.  In this stream of thought, I have no need for the character of the emotional God.  So, I am not attacking that God, I am simply dismissing it as irrelevant to our discussion.  I ask you to do the same. This is not a religious text.  If you judge it as such, you’ll throw all your chakras off balance. 
In order to balance your Root, you will need to develop a healthy ‘self-ish-ness.’  You will have to learn to respect the idea that the ‘self’ is your own epitome of existence.  Your self is the idea-microcosm of the macrocosm of life.  How you view your self determines how you view the world around you.  Your perceptions determine your reality.  This is important because the world we experience is the sum of the perceptions of all living-thinking creatures.  We experience each other in a world of shared-reality.  The theory of the Root Chakra (and the Chakra system in general) presupposes that there is one universal Root Chakra.  Each of you is a facet of the universal root chakra.  Balancing the individual requires a thought-energy empowered to balance the whole. 

Developing a healthy self-ish-ness has to do with developing a sense of the ‘universal self.’ What you think about your ‘self’ affects the thought-waves that build the universal  experience of the great ‘self.’   We can’t get to a place where we can discuss the higher thoughts of true ethics until we first explore the imbalance related to our core or root ideas about the self and its right to exist and thrive.    

The image of roots can call to mind the image of the web.  Pull one part of a web and the entire structure is affected.  When your Root Chakra is not balanced assume that to effectively balance the chakra you must commit to not throwing the universal root out of balance.  The thought inventory exercise that follows will help you to determine whether or not you are aiding the process of balancing the universal root chakra or throwing it out of balance.

Balancing your Root by exploring your ideas about life it-self

Let’s take an inventory of your ideas concerning your own existence and then we will relate your answers to a set of Root Rules that you can use to balance the energies of the Root Chakra:

    Decide whether or not you are of value to the world.  If you are of value to the world, commit to remaining in the world and participating in the evolution of the world and the development of society.  If you decide you are of no value to the world, it’s time for you to reach out to some practitioner (be it a clinician or spiritual advisor) who can help you understand why you have determined that your life is not necessary.

   Decide whether you want to ‘survive’ or ‘thrive’ in life.  If you choose to simply survive, understand the implications of that choice.  You will be given what you seek---only what you seek.  If you decide to thrive, commit to ensuring a firm foundation in life that provides you with all the basic needs of existence as a human person.  This means you must embrace your self and care for that self, first...then follow through by caring for the universal self.   

3    Collect your thoughts about what it means to be alive in this world.  What does that mean?  Answer the questions below to help identify the ideas you hold which give power to your Root:

Do you believe that this life is a struggle?

Do you believe you are in competition with other humans for those material things which sustain your life?

Do you believe that life itself is short and ultimately ends in permanent non-existence?

Do you believe that it is permissible to deny certain people basic necessities of life…for example those people who break human laws?

Do you believe that every person is of value to the world?

Do you believe that pain and suffering is a natural part of life?

Before we create our Root Rules, let’s take a closer look at your answers to the questions we listed in the section above:

If you believe that life is a struggle, you are experiencing an imbalance in your Root.  The Root Chakra affirms your right to exist.  Existence is not a struggle.  You simply exist.  You put no effort out in order to ensure your existence.  To exist is a ‘gift’ given to us from the Source of Life.  If life is a struggle in your mind, we must first break down some of the terrible psychic programming that has been put upon you by the systems of the world.  Whether those systems are religious, societal, or familial…if they have implanted ideas in your mind that make you believe that life is a struggle, we must abandon those ideas before we can balance your Root Chakra.  (more on this idea later in the series)

If you believe that you are in competition with other humans for your material sustenance, then we must root out that idea as well.  Competition is an idea created by societal systems, not nature.  Not even Darwin would agree that any creature is in danger of not existing due to a lack of renewable resources.  Everything is energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed therefore all that is needed for material survival exists now and will always exist.  If you decide life is a competition, you have also decided that life has losers.  This places you in a terrible mental state.  The goal of life is to exist. If you exist, you win…congratulations.  Competition is an illusion---more, a delusion.  Take yourself out of the mode of competing and you take yourself out of the system of winners and losers. 

If you believe that life results in death, you don’t understand the nature of life.  I won’t have the space to develop this idea in this article, so a brief exploration will have to suffice.  ‘The tree produces fruit of its own kind.’ This is a saying we find in many sacred systems of knowledge and logic.  Your enemy is lack of reason.  Your friend is logic.  If you are one who is part of that which we call life, you are fruit of the tree of life.  The fruit of the tree contains within it the seed of the tree.  The seed of the tree of life produces more life.  Life cannot produce death.  If you believe that you are a limited ‘thing’ that will eventually ‘not exist’ there is very little I can do for you to help you balance your Chakras. 

One of the most dangerous lies taught to human children is that they will one day not exist.  Decide that you are an eternal being and then never permit any person or idea to strip you of your right to exist eternally.  If your church or your family has taught you that there is some great being in the sky controlling all existence and that it is possible for this being to snuff you out if you do something wrong…walk away from those people and ideas.  Please. The most effective way to balance your Root Chakra is to understand that your right to exist is perpetual.  You are in the heaven of religion right now.  You exist and existence is the free gift of that which we call God. No one can take that from you.  No one.  Look at that I told you this wasn’t a religious text, then I preached at you. I must have caught the Holy Spirit for a minute.  Let’s blame God for that slip up.  Now back to our show…

If you believe that it is permissible to deny certain people basic necessities of life (even those who break human laws) then you miss the point of eternal existence entirely.  We are all in this together and we are all eternal.  The criminals of our day, too, are eternal creatures.  This means that we must---MUST---begin to shift our understanding from the ideas which make us ‘punishers’ and ‘accusers’ to the ideas that make us ‘rehabilitators’ and ‘affirmers.’  The vengeful ideas you hold will determine your own lot in life, not the lot of others.  You must abandon the desire to punish and deprive others.  Certainly that doesn’t mean I think we should all tolerate violence, abuse, or crime.  It does mean that we must begin to understand that we are all a human family and we must eliminate the situations that lead people to crime instead of punishing those who commit crime without any love or compassion for that person.  I promise you solemnly, until no one hungers, there will always be ‘crimes’ committed by those whose needs are not met. 

Balancing your Root Chakra includes a commitment to balance the Root Chakra of the world by shifting your thought energy and using the power of your belief system to bring about universal commitment to giving all people---all life---the respect of co-existing. 

Every person is of value to the world. Every person has the right to exist and function in their own way to bring light and beauty to existence.  The lesson of the Root Chakra is one that first forces you to decide that life is worth living and that you are not the master of life.  You are not the ‘boss’ of existence and in order to claim your right to exist you must---MUST---respect the right of others to exist.  If you compete and deprive others (or believe that those ways are acceptable), you create a path of winners and losers.  You will place yourself in a cycle of death and rebirth into a system of winners and losers.  You will trap yourself in your own hell of torment and competition.  Stop.  For the sake of your own existence---STOP.  Wake up to the fact that to take Root in this life is to take responsibility for the root of your thoughts and ideas.  Balance your root by being selfish enough to commit to a path of eternal existence, but understand that you will eternally exist in your thoughts and ideas. If your thoughts and ideas accept that suffering and competition is simply part of existing, you have paved your own road with thorns. 

Root out ideas that permit any world to exist that does not give universal respect to the life of all.  Then commit to living as the microcosm of that perfect world.  When each of us produces thought and action from a balanced root, we will see the tree of life flourish.  

Create a Root Rules list for your everyday existence

      What can you do each day to ensure that your thoughts and actions create a world where no one is deprived of their right to exist and flourish in freedom?

      What can you do today to eliminate the thought-pattern of competition that creates losers in life?

     What can you do today to plant seeds of thought that will grow into idea trees that will produce fruit to feed a future generation, ensuring that healthy universal existence thrives?

      What can you do today to fulfill the basic needs of your material existence without depleting the resources needed to sustain others? Will you give in proportion to what you receive to create the kind of synergy needed to sustain all life?

Use the questions above to create your own plan to balance the thoughts that fuel your Root Chakra.  If these ideas are of value to you, share this article with your loved ones.  If you have any productive thoughts to add to this article, feel free to add your comments below.  We may use your thoughts to help us develop the ideas we present here.

Tomorrow I will offer you an article that discusses how Nature Therapy can help you get to a place of personal balance in your material Root Energies.  Until then, I honor the divine life within you.  Be at peace.


Angel Reiki Chakra Consecration

What is angelic consecration?
In the Spiritual tradition of many of the world’s major faith systems, we find the term Angel.  The modality of Angel Reiki Consecration is unique to A World Apart in that this form of Reiki flows through the hands of a consecrated ordained minister in the Christian Tradition.  This does not mean that this spiritual service is reserved for those who ascribe to the Christian belief system.  Our provider, Bro. Tomas Martin, practices a spiritual life that respects many paths.  His form of ministry includes the Wiccan and Pagan belief system and synthesizes the Judeo-Christian and Islamic theology with Buddhist principles. 

During your session, Tomas will perform a Reiki scan on your Chakra energies.  The scan will reveal any seeming imbalance of the Chakras.  If the scan reveals an imbalance, Tomas will affect a Reiki balance.  If there is no imbalance, the Consecration will begin.  The consecration ritual is recited in the nature of the ritual secret.  The minister speaks in a whisper the prayers of consecration.  The consecration is spoken in both Latin and English. 

The act of consecrating your Chakras to the Archangel energies is a permanent spiritual act.  Therefore the consecration is never repeated.  This also means that you should enter the consecration with full and informed will.  When requesting a consecration of your Chakras, you will complete a request form which requires you to certify that you have read the materials Tranquil Oasis Community provides concerning the nature of the consecration.  You will meet with our minister prior to your consecration.  The purpose of this meeting is to determine your spiritual readiness for consecration.  If you are deemed ready, we will schedule your consecration.

During the ceremony each Chakra is consecrated to the energy of one of the Archangels.  This consecration sets apart the chakra and empowers it with the Divine breath.  This empowerment requires your vigilance to maintain a balanced spiritual energy. 

Those who receive an Angel Reiki Chakra Consecration will be enrolled in our spiritual support circle.  Each month a spiritual blessing is conducted for all members. This blessing is a formal ritual conducted by our minister for the spiritual benefit of all those in the circle.  You will also receive a certificate of consecration.   

Connect your Issue with Connective Tissues!

Amy Peterson, LMT will facilitate the next Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy workshop on April 29, 2012 at 2:00pm at A World Apart in Pennsville, NJ 


Myo-what? Cranio-who? Curious about the new language and healing modalities provided by Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community available at A World Apart?

Explore the mysterious world of connective tissue at our FREE seminar April 29th at 2:00pm.

Learn what fascia is and how it works.  See how the effects of daily stresses contribute to the body’s imbalances.  Receive a personalized body assessment and self-care techniques.
Experience first-hand what Myofascial Release and Craniosacral treatments feel like.

Seating is limited so register early on Facebook by clicking here. 

You can win a free Myofascial or Craniosacral treatment. Simply post on the event page why you would like to receive one of these complimentary treatments. You can also send a personal message to our event host (Amy Peterson) if you would not like your ailments made public. You may nominate a friend or family member whom you feel would benefit from a treatment. Two submissions will be selected on 4/18 at 1:00pm and announced on the event page. Only one treatment per person. Winners will be scheduled to receive their treatment one week before the workshop and they must share their experience with the class.

What is Fascia?
Fascia, or connective tissue, is a continuous web of deeply woven fibers surrounding and interpenetrating every bone, muscle, muscle fiber, organ, nerve, artery and vein in the body. It connects everything down to a cellular level. When healthy, fascia is light and pliable, and assists with movement and mobility. Old injuries, surgeries, physical and emotional traumas can damage the body’s connective tissue and cause fascial restrictions. The fascia then becomes hard and rigid, and restricts motion. The fascial system is like that of a spider web or a wool sweater. A restriction in one area can cause pain, discomfort, or strain on areas of the body that are far from the area of initial dis-ease.

What is Myofascial Release?
Myofascial Release treats structural and soft tissue misalignments by addressing the body’s connective tissues. It consists of a variety of deep stretches and long sustained pressure. It can cause some discomfort during the process, but by going through it, you can overcome many different symptoms and ailments. Most clients compare it to a “good kind of hurt” or “the good part of a stretch.”  Each technique takes a minimum of 3-5 minutes, and the body will continue to release and adjust for 3-5 days after a MFR treatment. 

Myofascial Release has been beneficial for people with: 
Back Pain
Birth Injuries
Bulging Disc
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Cervical and Lumbar Injuries
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Degenerative Disc Disease
Emotional Trauma
Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
Herniated Disc
Headaches or Migraines
Interstitial Cystitis
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Neck Pain
Pelvic Pain
Plantar Fascitis
Pudendal Nerve Entrapment
Scars (hypertrophic, hypersensitive, painful, burn scars, mastectomy scars)
Shin Splints
Tennis Elbow
Tinnitus (Ringing of the ears)
TMJ Syndrome

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy consists of very light adjustments on the skull and along the spinal cord.  The bones in the cranium are not fused together. They are actually separated by bits of connective tissue. This allows for a slight expansion of the skull as cerebrospinal fluid travels up the spinal cord and bathes the brain. The skull then contracts as the fluid slowly travels back down the spine to the sacrum. This constant flow of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) creates a pulse, or rhythm, in the body that is unique and separate from the cardiac or respiratory flow. Old injuries, minor falls, surgeries and postural misalignments can all cause imbalances in this vital rhythm.

Craniosacral Therapy has helped those with: 
Migraines and Headaches
Chronic Neck and Back Pain
Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
Motor-Coordination Impairments
Infant and Childhood Disorders
Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Chronic Fatigue
TMJ Syndrome
Central Nervous System Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Orthopedic Problems

What is an Angel Reading?

One of the most popular services offered through Simply Blessed in Carney's Point, NJ and Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community is known as an Angel Reading, but what exactly is it?  Over the past few months we have been trying to write a generalized description of the experience but to no avail since each Angel Reading is different depending on the needs of the client. 

We make an effort to ask the clients to describe the experience of their first Angel Reading.  Our favorite description came from a client whose daughter recommended the service to him.  He told us that the Reading taught him how to be a better listener.  He said that some of the information he received was familiar to him because his intuition recognized it as expounding on the faint whisperings he would ‘hear’ during times of confusion or stress.  He told us that the Reading made him realize that his own ‘angels’ were in fact ‘speaking’ to him throughout his life, but he dismissed this as fleeting random thoughts only.  The messages Tomas gave him during the Reading confirmed for him the power of the ‘unseen’ and the potential of the human mind to connect with ‘something greater.’

The Angel Reading is not like a psychic reading, although the ‘psychic’ senses certainly come into play.  It is also not ‘mediumship,’ although it is common that some of the advice calls to mind loved ones who have crossed over.  Tomas theorizes that our loved ones live on in our hearts and so it’s not uncommon to associate certain life advice or emotions with the ‘spirit’ that our loved ones have left us as an eternal reminder of their presence.  When a significant person from our life crosses to the unseen, Tomas believes that we sometimes associate their memory with the idealized father, friend, or teacher.  In the reading clients will often say things like, “…that sounds just like something my father would have told me.  I can feel his guidance with us.”  However, if you are looking for someone to ‘channel’ a loved one who has passed, this isn’t the reading for you!

It is important to note that Tomas does not use “angel cards” as many other ‘angel readers’ do.  These cards are used in a way similar to ‘tarot cards.’  We certainly respect those readers who use guidance tools in their readings,  but our Angels Readings aren’t like any others.  In our Angel Readings, Tomas uses the contemplative techniques he has learned in over fifteen years of spiritual ministry.  Drawing from his experience of Judeo/Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic Mysticism, Tomas has developed a way of ‘going to that inner place of deep prayer and listening for divine guidance’ in the way of the mystics rather than in the way associated with popular psychics.  In our Angel Readings Tomas establishes what he calls ‘a connection with your highest good.’  The Reading becomes a dialogue between the client and those ideals that make one’s life experience unique and sacred. 

So if our Readings don’t involve cards, what is being ‘read’?
The Angels are being ‘read’ directly!  So what does ‘Angel’ mean?  Well the world itself refers to ‘divine messenger.’  In the spiritual traditions of most major faith systems we see the belief in angels.  These angels are beings which communicate messages from the Divine to humanity.  We believe Angels (with a capital ‘A’) to be spirits sent directly from the Divine with a mission to guide, protect, and enlighten.  Consider these spirits (‘spirit’ means ‘intellect and will’) to be the divine thoughts of the Universe sent directly to those who seek divine guidance.  We sometimes refer to these ‘Angels’ or ‘divine thoughts’ as ‘Archangels.’  It’s important not to think of these ‘Angels’ in a ‘humanized’ form.  In other words, we are not ‘communicating’ with ‘unseen personalities.’  When Tomas uses the term ‘Raphael,’ for example, he is referring to the idea of ‘the healing power of the Divine.’  ‘Rapha-el’ is an ancient Hebrew expression that means ‘Healing of God.’  These are the angelic ideas that Tomas ‘reads’ in a one-on-one session.  Tomas uses his spiritual abilities and theological background to help the client align their own thoughts and decisions with those divine, primordial ideas that shape our universe.  It is the ultimate thought balancing session!

During the Reading you will have those unexpected ‘ah-ha’ moments that will help you get the guidance and confirmation you need concerning life’s issues.  Readings ‘go where they need to go.’  There is no set outline or form for our Angel Readings.  Tomas’ technique is the same for each Reading, but no two readings are alike.  (This is especially evident in Group Readings.  We can accommodate four to ten people in a Group Reading.)  You will be amazed at how the Reading seems to ‘hit all the important’ points in your life. 

Energy is the Key!
Our clients all seem to enjoy the start of the Readings and the use of dowsing rods.  Tomas uses dowsing rods to give the client an idea of the type of thought-energy being ‘read’ during the session.  The rods are not used as a ‘divination tool’ in this reading.  Tomas simply demonstrates how thought-energy affects the material world around you in an amazing way!  This part of the Reading truly mystifies most clients! 

Confidentiality in Angel Readings
What Tranquil Oasis Community and Simply Blessed term ‘Angel Reading,’ is a one-on-one Spiritual Conference for Tomas who has engaged in public ministry for more than fifteen years.  This means that all one-on-one Readings fall under the ministerial covenant for Tomas and are in the ‘internal forum’ or private spiritual matters.  He will only discuss your Reading with a third party if you give permission (and even with permission, he must feel confident that discussing the Reading is for the highest good).  Group Readings, however, fall into the ‘external forum’ meaning they are public by nature.

What are some of our clients saying about Angel Readings?
“Had an angel reading today and was completely amazed by what I experienced. It solidified what I knew I needed to do and helped me find closure in the things that I have been holding onto for far too long. Fantastic, fantastic time....amazing place. Will be back for more readings with friends and family!”–Jennifer

“My angel reading was 2 days ago and I'm still floating from it. Truly amazing. Whatever you believe, get on down to A World Apart in Pennsville for a reading. Seriously. Dude is on point!” –AP

“Had my very first angel reading today. AMAZING!! Thanks for introducing me to something!!!” –Jeanne

“With the way I am raving about Wednesday, you may have a sudden influx of angel readings. It was wonnnnnnnnnnnnderful! :D” –Stephanie

“Thank you Eden and Thomas for my angel reading tonight. Words cannot express how I walked out of there feeling” –Belinda

“During one of my last angel readings, I was given a warning. And although I knew better, I didn't heed this warning. At the moment it all clicked, and I said out loud, ‘watch out for the young one,’ I looked up at the moon. It was about half full, and peeking through the clouds. The clouds parted, forming the 3 Goddesses symbol around it. Before I could verbalize what I saw, it dissipated. It was like a message for me saying, ‘YES! Listen next time!’ ” –Amy

“I just wanted to thank Tomas for the Angel Reading. Changed my whole outlook on my life. Seriously life changing.” –Tara

“Its hard to explain in just a few words, its really something you have to experience. You might be familiar with angel card readings but this is totally different. To try to sum it up, Br. Tomas connects with the Angelic energies that are aound you and the reading takes on its own form from there. It truly is amazing.” –Eden

“The entire experieince was great. I learned some things about myself and left knowing exactly what I had to do. I also felt a lot closer with myself, if that makes any sense, and felt an over all sense of peace and well being and clarity. I highly recommend these readings, especially with Tomas and A World Apart. He's an amazing person and it's a great place.” –Blair

To schedule your in-person Angel Reading, call Simply Blessed at 856-514-2222.  

Tomas’ current services through Tranquil Oasis at Simply Blessed:
One-on-One and Group Angel Readings ~ Guided Mediation Sessions in Stress reduction, Pre-natal Bonding, Goal Focusing, and Reconciliation with Self techniques ~ Angel Reiki sessions ~ Psychic Attunements ~ Angel Reiki Aura Clearing ~ One-on-One Spiritual Direction ~ One-on-One Pastoral Coaching ~ Family Energy Balance ~ Crystal Clearing sessions ~ Spiritual Conflict and Grief Purging (four session cycle) ~ Angel Energy Development ~ Mythology of Me course facilitator ~ Holistic Living Workshops facilitator